Food Drive, Atmosphere, and Three Points

Three points for Town on Saturday left 18,000 fans leaving the ground happy – but the NSL had a successful day in more ways than one. For our second blog, we thought it was worth taking a look at how our day panned out.

In typical fashion, the lads met a few hours before kick-off outside the Riverside Stand gates. Head into the storage container to grab the usual flags and poles before wandering pitch-side to our home in the South Stand. Whilst often we’ll spend time arranging the layout for that game’s display, we didn’t have anything extraordinary planned for this so it was a matter of scattering out the flags before the crowds came in. We’d still like to see more of them waved and held – so if there’s one around you, please take part! We’re still working on upcoming displays for future games, however we haven’t met a viable compromise on the previously-mentioned foil situation yet meaning this is still on hold.

Set-up was complete – time to head to the Gas Club. For a few weeks we have been promoting a series of charity campaigns run by the group in support of the Welcome Centre Huddersfield, a food bank supporting people in crisis (find out more about them HERE). With the Christmas period upon us we felt that this was an ideal charity to support this winter, so we have put together a financial donation page alongside plans to collect food for those in need. On Saturday we completed the first part of our food collection and managed to collect a very healthy number of bags full to the brim with tins, biscuits, toiletries, kitchenware and so on. We will be gathering outside the Gas Club on Boxing Day between 1pm to 2pm prior to the Nottingham Forest clash, and we would massively appreciate any further bag donations. Please help out where you can – it can make a difference in a huge way. We also surpassed our target of £500 in the fundraiser, so thank you to everyone who has so far contributed to that. We’d like to take the amount as far as we can, so the link to donate is below.

You can donate here

Into the ground by 14:15 to do final set-up at the front; and positively the atmosphere seemed to be taking off early. By 14:45 the stand was 75% full and the Town fans were already finding their voices. A bit of back-and-forth with the Bristol City coach didn’t seem too well received from his end, but only upped the volume of our support pre-match. Getting the noise going before kick-off is important in setting the tone of the game, especially when it nullifies the attempts of the away support in matching us.

Throughout the game it was arguably one of the most consistent vocal efforts from the South Stand all season, despite the possibility of the team’s bad run dropping heads or creating a nervous vibe. There was no time for negativity, even after conceding to make it 1-1 despite largely controlling the game. The noise continued throughout across the whole stand, so hats off to everyone in there. The capos made a monumental effort too. We firmly believe that the noise being produced by the whole ground yesterday will have had an impact on the team, and that was rewarded with three points. A few Bristol City fans were complimentary too:

‘Youse were just unbelievable support wise. We thought Sheffield Weds were good but you put them to shame. Cant give you enough credit and you’ve gained a lot of respect from Bristol City. First time I’ve ever clapped home fans.’

Packing down at the end of the match is always far easier after victory. A quick debrief on the atmosphere’s highs and lows before locking everything back up in the container. Thanks to everyone who sticks around after to help out, too – an ever-increasing group and it doesn’t go unnoticed.

A decent day’s work. See you at Burton on Tuesday.

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